You won’t believe what happened in 1868

The stapler was patented by Charles Henry Gould on March 5, 1868.


 On September 14, 1868, golfer Tom Morris achieved the first hole-in-one during the British Open Championships at Prestwick.

Tom Morris

Martinelli’s apple juice was founded on May 19, 1868.


 USA’s oldest hat company, Bollman Hat Company was founded in 1868.


J.R. Watkins soap and body scrub was founded in 1868.


 The first Memorial Day was on May 30, 1868.


Helium was discovered on August 18, 1868 by astronomer Pierre Jules César Janssen.


Cornell University opened on October 7, 1868.


The 14th Amendment was ratified on July 28, 1868 .


Reno became a city on May 9, 1868.

WA-08004 Reno Arch with torches, at night, Reno, Washoe County, Nevada, 1930s.


Q&A with Jimmy Ockford

When did you know you wanted to play professional soccer?

I knew as soon as I started playing for a traveling club soccer team in elementary school. I fell in love with the sport and knew I never wanted to stop.

What was your most memorable moment from your previous seasons?

That has to be last year. First winning the NASL Championship with the New York Cosmos, and then a month later the MLS Cup Championship with Seattle. Experiencing both was pretty crazy.

What is the biggest challenge for a defender?

It’s tough being the last line of defense because there’s no room for error. You have to be big at all times and read the game well.

What qualities will you bring to the team?

I hold a big presence in the air and I’m a well-rounded defender. I can also capitalize on free kicks and corners for some goals.

Who is your favorite player of all time?

Definitely Ronaldinho, that man was unreal. He is my biggest idol.

What do you look forward to most at Reno 1868 FC?

I’m excited to fight for a starting spot and make an impact on the team, while working to win the title.

Was there a deciding factor when choosing to play for 1868?

I knew it was a new team coming in and thought it would be awesome to be a part of something fresh and grow with the club. I’ve heard great things about the city of Reno and Coach Russell. I believe Reno 1868 FC will be an excellent organization to work with alongside the MLS affiliate, San Jose Earthquakes. I see big things coming for both teams. 

Finding the starting XI

Currently, Reno 1868 FC has signed seven players. With the first friendly against the San Jose Earthquakes x days away, many slots still need to be filled. As the wait continues, here is an update of all seven players we have signed thus far.

Dane Kelly


Position: Forward
Hometown: Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica

Previous teams

Red Stripe Premier League
Tivoli Gardens: 2010-2011

Charleston Battery: 2011-2015
Swope Park Rangers: 2016

Brenton Griffiths


Position: Defender
Hometown: Spanish Town, Jamaica

Tyler Junior College
University of South Florida

Previous teams 

Colorado Rapids: 2013-2014

Orange County Blues: 2014-2016

Matt LaGrassa 


Hometown: Elk Grove, CA

California  Polytechnic University

Previous teams

Des Moines Menace: 2011-2012
Ventura County Fusion: 2013-2014

Sacramento Republic FC  2016
Tulsa roughnecks 2016 (loan)

Jordan Murrell


Position: Defender
Hometown: London, England


Previous teams

Ocean City Nor’easters: 2013
K-W United FC: 2014

Real Monarchs: 2015
Pittsburgh Riverhounds: 2016

Jordan Roberts


Position: Forward
Home town: Durham England

Quincy University 

Previous teams

Sant Louis FC: 2014-2015

Mackenzie Pridham


Position: Forward
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

California Polytechnic University

Previous teams

Minnesota United: 2014
Pittsburgh Riverhounds: 2014 (loan)
Whitecaps FC 2: 2015
Sacramento Republic FC: 2016

Jimmy Ockford


Position: Defender
Hometown: Trenton, NJ

Mount St. Mary’s University  (three years)
University of Louisville  (senior year)

Previous teams

Central Jersey Spartans: 2012
Reading United: 2013

Seattle Sounders: 2014-2016

Seattle Sounders 2: 2015

New York Cosmos: 2014,2016  (loan)

A brief history of: The Hat Trick


Courtesy of

A hat trick. One of the most glorious accolades during a match. To pull off a hat trick one player must score three goals in a single match; not an easy feat. We know the term well, but where did it come from?


A hat trick originates from Cricket, whereby a player would take three wickets on three consecutive deliveries (scoring three times in a row). In 1909 a cricket player allegedly received a hat from his club commemorating the achievement. 

An even earlier recollection of the term came from a drinking trick played in London.

A person would place a glass of liquor on a table, then cover it with a hat. This person then announces their intention to drink all the alcohol, but never touch the hat. The same person would get under the table, knock three times and make a gulping sound. After getting up from underneath the table, the individual would then challenge one of the witnesses to lift the hat. Someone would lift the hat, eager to see the task complete. As soon as this happens, the person previously under the table quickly takes the glass, swallows the contents and then exclaims “gentlemen I have fulfilled my promise: you are all witnesses that I did not touch the hat”.

All Aboard: Soccer has Arrived

Some may say that “soccer isn’t a real sport” or “soccer isn’t popular in the United States”, but we have some facts to prove otherwise. 

Soccer ranks as the highest sport for social media engagement


Courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel

The NFL is the most popular sports league in the U.S., but in terms of social media, it doesn’t come close to top tier soccer teams. To give perspective, the entirety of the NFL (32 teams) has a combined social media following of 141 million followers between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Barcelona-on its own-commands a following of 148 million. Who’s socially awkward now?

   Among all youth sports, soccer has the highest enrollment

One would think the most popular sport in the U.S. would carry equal weight in youth enrollment, but as of right now, it doesn’t. 

3,055,148 was the number of youth players officially registered with U.S. Soccer programs in 2014, an 89 percent increase since 1990. Enrollment of youth football had 2,169,000 participants recorded in 2015, close to a million less than youth soccer. 

Also, the number of people who play soccer at some level in the U.S. is 24,472,778, placing the U.S. second behind only China in the world.

FIFA is the best selling, most played, sports video game in the U.S. 

Do video games matter? Yes! Considering society’s electronic revolution, video games carry a heavy influence; so of course video games make a difference. Consider these facts.

  • 960 million gamers play on a smartphone or mobile device
  • 59 percent of parents play video games with their children weekly

On top of people that simply play video games, FIFA has changed the way professional athletes play the sport. Alex Iwobi, a teenage striker for the Premier League’s Arsenal, used the game as preparation against players he had never faced.

“I’d look at his name,” Iwobi said, “and then try to remember how good he was on FIFA.”

People not only play video games, they are willing to watch other people play them! In 2015, 27 million people watched the League of Legends Season 3 World Championship. This was more than the 2015 NBA finals’ viewership of 18 million.

Let’s not forget the most popular channels on YouTube are video game based, “let’s play” series, whereby a host will stream themselves playing a video game while others watch.

 Major League Soccer is a crowd puller


For a third year in a row, MLS broke its attendance record, averaging 21,692 in attendance across the league. In terms of average attendance, the MLS beat the NBA and NHL, ranking it as the third-most attended sport in the U.S.

The Seattle Sounders also ranked within the top 30 soccer teams in the world in average attendance, at 43,547, beating many international giants, including Chelsea.

 Premier League clubs to top NFL TV earnings by 2017

A few years ago it would have have been hard to watch a Premier League match on TV, but now EPL currently holds a massive TV deal in the U.S., broadcasting matches on networks such as NBC and FOX.

In 2015, it was reported that European football revenues added up to 80 percent of the four major U.S. sports (football, baseball, basketball and soccer). If one factors several U.S. national players involvement in soccer abroad and the international market of soccer, the EPL’s revenue totals are sure to pass.

Match Preview: Sacramento Republic FC vs. Real Monarchs SLC

Greater Nevada Field will serve as the host for a United Soccer League regular-season match between Sacramento Republic FC (5-3-3) and Real Monarchs SLC (4-5-4) this Saturday, June 11. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. Tickets are still available online.

Sac Repub score

Adam Jahn scored for Republic FC on Wednesday. (Photo: Sacramento Republic FC)

This is the second-ever soccer match at Greater Nevada Field, and the first to showcase the future closest geographic rivals of Reno 1868 FC. This match gives fans a chance to experience another professional soccer match in the Biggest Little City before Reno 1868 begins play in March of 2017. Halftime will feature the unveiling of Reno 1868’s home kit, with kits and other merchandise going on sale at the team shop following the presentation.

The match will mark the second meeting between Republic FC and the Monarchs this season. The first came on Wednesday at Bonney Field in Sacramento, where Republic FC took a 1-0 win. Just two minutes into the second half, Adam Jahn slid in front of a defender and sent the ball into the back of the net for the only goal of the night. The Monarchs’ Cameron Iwasa nearly scored in the 60th minute but was denied by the crossbar, leading to Republic FC’s victory.




Fùtbol Faces: Reno 1868 FC, Ed:2

Our second installment of “Fùtbol Faces” for Reno 1868 FC  features our newest Account Executive, Robert Ritchie.

Hailing from Falkirk, Scotland, Ritchie came to Reno 1868 FC on April 4, 2016. When he’s not busy dressed in his kilt playing the bagpipes or participating in the Highland Games, he’s focused on building Reno’s soccer franchise from the ground up (and taking home free grass from the field when he can: shout-out to Grounds Crew #Clutch). It comes as a complete shock to everyone that his favorite movie is, in fact, NOT Braveheart, but is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


So let’s get in the Celtic spirit and learn more about Ritchie.

Previous Jobs?
Coca Cola – Account Manager

Favorite Sports Team?
Falkirk FC

Favorite Soccer Player? 
Kevin McAllister & Kenny Dalglish

Favorite place in Reno/Tahoe area besides Greater Nevada Field, Why?
Pyramid Lake because it is a great camping spot

Celebrity Crush?
Ronda Rousey 

College Attended/Degree Earned:
Dundee University – Criminal Justice

Go-to Restaurant?


You won’t know it from the picture, but Robert’s strong accent would bring a Holly Holm-like head-kick knockout to Ronda Rousey. (David Calvert/Reno 1868 FC)

Greatest Accomplishment to Date?
Once drove 1,200 miles from Falkirk, Scotland to Mongolia 

Three words to describe yourself?
Ambitious, determined, immigrant  

Best sporting event ever been to?
1997 Scottish Cup Final

Mentor/Look up to? Why?
Dad – he’s everything a dad should be

Superpower? What would it be?
Shockingly, Ritchie doesn’t watch superhero movies but if selling large quantities of soccer season tickets was a super power, that would be his

Favorite thing about your job?
Being a part of building a franchise from the ground up

Trips in his motor home

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Reno 1868 FC in some capacity

Words to Live by?
The 3 G’s: